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Across India many children are born into extreme, intergenerational poverty with devastating effects. Maternal malnutrition can lead to severely underweight births with babies vulnerable to disease, disability and infant mortality. Furthermore, research from the Lancet medical journal shows that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, from conception to age two, are the critical years in a child’s development with over 80% of a babies brain development happening in this time. If mothers are malnourished during this time it can lead to both mental and physical stuntung of the baby, meaning these children will never be able to reach their full potential..

That’s why Child In Need India (CINI), has developed our Sponsor a Mother programme aimed at breaking this cycle and helping mothers give their babies the best possible start in life.

Through CINI’s Sponsor a Mother Programme, you can help women access the nutrition and healthcare they need during pregnancy. CINI’s health workers make regular visits to the homes of sponsored women and teach them a variety of key skills, including maintaining health during pregnancy, how to make nutritious meals on a tight budget and hygiene measures to prevent infection.

For £12 a month, you can sponsor a mother and transform not only her life, but that of her child and her family.

You will receive:

  • Photos of the sponsored mother and her baby
  • Updates on their progress
  • Updates on progress in their wider community

Sponsor a mother now

sponsor a maother
Twelve pounds per month is the minimum donation needed to sponsor a mother. Alternatively, print out the standing order form available here and send it to us at Friends of CINI, The Old Free Kirk, Baldernock, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 6HA

How does the programme work if I donate?

During pregnancy our local CINI health workers visit the mother-to-be regularly ensuring she receives ante-natal care and educating her about preventing infections and eating healthily on a tight budget.

Then when the time comes for the mother to give birth, we ensure she has access to a trained health worker in a hospital, or a traditional birth attendant if she delivers at home. This is an especially crucial aspect of our care as in India 60% of women give birth no skilled health worker present.

CINI then makes sure the baby receives immunisations and the medical attention over the next two years as well as training the mother and her family about nutrition and teaching key skills such as preparing re-hydration treatments for children with diarrhoea.

Education is key to ensuring a good future and to do this we teach mothers games and activities to play with their children. We also help mothers to register their child at a local school.

Sponsor a mother nowHow will I know my support is having an impact?

You will receive a series of personalised reports on the mother you are sponsoring and how she and her child are benefitting from your support.

Your first report will tell you what has been done to ensure a firm foundation is laid down for the development of her unborn child. Another report is sent after her child is born, together with pictures so you can share the progress of the baby into early childhood and know you are helping them towards a better future.

If you are able to visit India yourself, we would be delighted to arrange for you to meet the mother you have sponsored as well as tour some of CINI’s other projects in the area.

Sponsor a mother nowOne mother's story

CINI identified Sakira as being vulnerable because she had miscarried twice already.

“CINI helped save my life. When I discovered I was pregnant again I was terrified because I had miscarried before. But a CINI health worker came to my home and told me and my husband everything we needed to know to keep me and the baby healthy. She registered me with a health centre and advised me to attend for regular check-ups and to take iron and folic acid pills.

“CINI encouraged my husband to help me do heavy daily chores such as fetching water and washing clothes so my workload was reduced and they even spoke to my mother-in-law so that she became extremely caring.

“My family decided on a hospital delivery, and that probably saved my life because I had to have a caesarean section, so I was thankful. I hope our beautiful baby Firdausi will grow up into a strong and healthy woman.”

About CINI

Child In Need India CINI has been work to break down the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Our vision is of an India in which children are able to reach their full potential, regardless of their gender, caste, class or ethnicity.

To bring this about, we work with local community groups and government bodies to create sustainable improvements in nutrition, access to healthcare and access to education. In particular we empower women and children at key stages: childhood, adolescence and pregnancy, with programmes designed to help them lay the foundations for a happy healthy life. Our programmes are carried out by local staff and volunteers which keeps costs low.

CINI was established in 1974 and is widely recognised as a leading authority on mother and child nutrition and healthcare in India. We have provided training on related issues to major charities such as UNICEF, CARE and CRY, as well as many smaller local NGOs.

Sponsor a mother now


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We have a vision of an India in which children are able to reach their full potential, regardless of their gender, caste, class or ethnicity.